How to make a claim

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can contact to make a claim. But how does the claims process work?

The personal injury claims process

  • When we receive your call or online enquiry about making a claim, one of our experienced claims team will take your details with a brief description of the accident and the injuries you have sustained.
  • We will then appoint a solicitor specialising in accident claims to handle your case; they will call you within an hour of your conversation with our claims team.
  • Your accident and potential compensation claim will be discussed with that solicitor, who will advise on the prospects of success. The solicitor will answer any questions or queries you have about making an accident claim.
  • Your solicitor will keep you informed of developments and arrange for an independent medical report to be prepared, to assess the extent of your injuries and potential recovery time.
  • If you require further medical evidence or assistance this will be arranged for you as soon as possible, and if you need extra help with treatment, we will help you through that.
  • When you’ve been examined, the medical report will allow your solicitor to negotiate compensation for you. The levels of personal injury compensation and negotiations are discussed with you at every stage.

Once an agreement has been reached, you will receive a cheque compensating you for the injuries you sustained. From your initial enquiry to the conclusion of your claim, we are fast, thorough and efficient.

Why make a claim?

Being involved in an accident can leave you seriously out of pocket. There is the time off work, the medication and rehabilitation care, travel expenses, and for serious injuries, the potential devastation of permanent changes to lifestyle and future earnings. Making a personal injury claim means you could receive a compensation award that takes all this into account – it won’t undo the damage done, but it could make life easier.

Many people are put off making a claim by the common misconception that it will be stressful and complicated, involving appearances at court and huge legal bills. However, our claims process is hassle-free with no upfront costs, while our experienced solicitors will look out for your best interests every step of the way.

To make a claim, speak to us now on 0800 652 9515.

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