You might think that if you play a sport, you do so at your own risk and in a way that might be right.  However, what happens if you are injured during a sporting session?   What if you are one minute enjoying a game of five-a-side football and you suddenly find yourself tumbling into a heap, having caught your boot into a hole in the pitch?

We have handled several sporting injury claims and whilst they are often difficult claims, we have the experience that matters; a long list of clients who have made successful injury claims with us  after they were hurt during a sporting accident.

You don’t expect to go to the gym and end up in hospital, but it can and does happen.   Hitting a punch bag during a boxing lesson should not mean a trip in an ambulance twenty minutes later.  Unfortunately we have seen cases where this has happened when the metal bracket holding the bag to the wall sheared off the wall completely, landing on a member’s head causing a severe injury.

Again, don’t let just anyone look at your claim; contact us without delay.

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