Medical negligence claims

Unfortunately, every year in the UK people die as a result of medical negligence. In the last 13 years 8,000 patients have died as a result of medical negligence in the UK.

In 2011/12 NHSLA received 9,143 potential medical negligence claims. We know that as a patient you expect the best possible care when you go into hospital, whether it is for a routine procedure or for more complicated surgery, you still expect to be handled with skill and care.

We are currently handling several very complex clinical negligence cases ranging from: cancer misdiagnosis, botched cosmetic surgery, serious complications following routine bowel surgery – all these cases require delicate treatment and advice from skillful lawyers.

If you have been into hospital, feel you might have had an illness misdiagnosed, think you might have a medical negligence claim and would like to chat with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call today on 0800 652 9515 to speak to our dedicated and experienced team about medical negligence claims.

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