Whiplash can be  a  very painful condition and is mostly seen in people who have been involved in car accidents.   Whiplash occurs during an accident when upon impact, your head snaps forward and back.  It can be a very painful injury and despite all the fuss around whiplash injury claims, it does exist and can have a very serious consequences.

A whiplash injury might only last for a few days if you are very lucky, but in some cases, whiplash can last for weeks, sometimes many months.

You will probably know that a whiplash injury can respond to early medical treatment and as well as advising you on your compensation claim, we can also help you access medical help which will get you on the road to recovery faster than you might otherwise have hoped.

We have a team of experienced personal injury experts and over the years, we have obtained compensation for thousands of motorist who have suffered whiplash.

Your insurance company or the at fault driver’s insurance company might try to deal with your claim direct, or they may try to give you another solicitor.  Remember, you are perfectly free to choose your own representation.  Thousands of satisfied clients have used us before, if you want us to help you too, call today.

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