Accident at Work – Mr H, Coventry

Mr H was a workshop engineer and one of his jobs involved  the fitting of wheels to plant and machinery. The wheels that would be fitted to such machines were foam filled and weighed half a metric tonne a piece.

The vehicle Mr H was working on was on blocks and all the wheels were off. He had not been involved in taking the wheels off. Other machinery was parked around the vehicle meaning that access to it was impossible and it was not possible to use lifting machinery or fork lift trucks because of this access problem.

Whilst he was fitting one of the wheels he sustained an injury to his shoulder because the wheel was very heavy and he was working in a cramped environment.

His bosses initially denied liability alleging that they operated a safe system of work and that it was possible for him to use lifting equipment. With our involvement we managed to discredit them and proved this was not the case.

As a result of the accident at work Mr H suffered  a significant injury to his shoulder requiring two operations. He was not able to work for several years but, luckily, was paid by his employer during most of his absence.

Mr H’s industrial injury claim eventually settled for a figure in excess of £30,000.

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