Neck Injury – Mrs E, Midlands

As Mrs E was walking around a car showroom, she walked straight into a floor to ceiling plate glass window. The window was very clean and was not apparent as it did not have any markings or other warnings on it.

Mrs E contacted her legal expense insurers to pursue the claim through them.  However, after 2 months, they rejected the claim as they did not believe that the case would succeed.

A Solicitor at took on the case and sent a letter of claim to the garage alleging that they were negligent for failing to make the window more obvious and also as the garage was a workplace that they had failed to comply with workplace regulations requiring large areas of glass to be marked to make them visible.

The garage admitted liability within a few months of receiving the letter of claim.

Mrs E suffered from muscle strain to her neck. She unfortunately already had problems with her neck and the accident made it worse. Mrs E needed several sessions of physiotherapy and the medical expert believed it could take between 15 and 18 months for her to fully recover. She also suffered bruising to her face, pain to her left knee and discomfort in her lower back all of which she recovered from after 1 month.

The injuries suffered meant that she could not take part in her keep fit classes, had difficulties in doing her normal housework and gardening work.  She also started to employ a gardener. sent the medical report and details of losses to the Defendants.

She was initially offered £2815 for injuries and losses. settled the case for a total of £3765.

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